Environmental Responsibility

Our responsibility

Abbey Pynford Foundation Solutions are strategically committed to be a sustainable, environmental construction company, to prevent pollution, and we are always looking to operate in a sustainable manner.

Abbey Pynford Foundation Solutions undertake to;

  • Try to minimise our impact on the environment through the continued monitoring of our construction activities by our management team.
  • Ensure each and every project is designed individually to ensure the schemes are as efficient as possible so we are not using unnecessary quantities of steel and concrete.
  • Ensure our procurement team make sure that all of our suppliers embrace sustainability through appropriate schemes such as FSC Chain of Custody for timber, CARES for steel reinforcement and QSRMC for ready-mix concrete.
  • Order materials on a ‘just in time’ basis
  • Educate and train our employees, via toolbox talks, and regular training to promote awareness and understanding of environmental issues.
  • Promote a sense of responsibility towards the environment by management, staff and sub-contractors whilst carrying out their duties.
  • Reduce, re-use or arrange for the careful disposal of waste that may be produced during our works.

For more information, please view our Health & Safety, Environmental & Quality Policy.