Value engineering/Design

The Benefits:

  • More economical
  • Often no piling mat
  • Most effective in high water table situations
  • Faster construction time, between 1/2 and 2/4 of construction time of traditional construction methods
  • Adaptable due to ability to avoid sub-surface obstructions
  • Minimal or no spoil away
  • Low carbon footprint compared to other methods
  • Best system able to be used adjacent to trees (only system with root protection)
  • One stop shop foundation solutions
  • Ideal system on contaminated and Brownfield sites
  • Responsive pro-active support on site
  • Meets all warranty provider requirements (NHBC and LABC etc.)


Abbey Pynford Tree Root Protection Service includes:

  • Breathable granular layer – facilitating ground oxygenation and hydration
  • Light weight rigs – avoiding soil compaction and damage to roots
  • Sheet protection – enable imposed to be spread further
  • Hand investigation – hand auguring identifies root location
  • Pile re-positing – onsite process combined with proactive in-house redesign of piles and slab
  • 225mm void – ensures oxygenation, hydration of ground and eliminates pressure
  • There is also potential to install bespoke irrigation system
  • Streamlined slab construction – minimises excavation and risk of root damage


Housedeck is ideal for:

  • Single plots – Most flexible system
  • Multi plot sites – Brownfield friendly
  • Blocks of flats – Can avoid obstructions
  • Care homes – Sustains existing trees, tree friendly