Housedeck Feature’s & Benefits

Housedeck is ideal for:

Single plots

Multi plot sites

Low rise apartment

Care homes

Single Plot

Multiple Plots

Whatever the requirements …

Housedeck can accommodate any footprint shape and features normally associated with any housing development. These could include; drainage, service ducts, lift pits, steps, downstands, bolt boxes, retaining walls, kickers and starter bars, geothermal wells and underfloor slab loops.

Remember…If you can ‘dig it’ we can probably ‘treat it’ and save you time andmoney over traditional foundations.


Brownfield developments

Housedeck and Comdeck encourage Brownfield development as:

  • There is less spoil removal than other systems.
  • We often have the ability to move piles within the slab area to avoid obstructions, thus saving time and cost.