What is Comdeck?

Comdeck is a designed and installed proprietary foundation system and replaces the need for either traditionally excavated foundations or pile and beam with the associated flooring.

It is quicker, more economical, carries less risk, better quality and is greener than traditional foundation approaches.


Why Choose Comdeck?

  • A value engineered approach
  • Cut programmes by up to a half
  • Reduced prelims
  • Far less excavation and muck away
  • Engineered piling mats are often eliminated
  • A greener approach
  • We constantly look to innovate and minimise costs
  • A complete package


Comdeck is a proprietary form of raft foundation and it is also a service:

When we receive your enquiry we undertake several concept designs and offer to you the optimum scheme to suit your requirements.  This could include a piling option, treated ground, soil mixed ground or even a scheme of piles and treated ground.  Once we are working with you, we offer you a complete service which includes: Design, setting out, drainage/services, piling, ground treatment, deck-structural floor and we can offer site investigation, a fixed price option and warranty.